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The University of Hohenheim (founded 1818) is at the forefront of agricultural sciences and food sciences in Germany. Studying at the University of Hohenheim is characterized by research-oriented and innovative learning, whereby not only basic research, but also application-oriented and solution-oriented approaches are taught. Special emphasis is placed on internal and external cooperations as well as interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Institute of Food Chemistry is integrated into the research association at the University of Hohenheim, thus ensuring an exchange within the areas of competence. The partners benefit from professional transfer as well as from the shared use of various techniques, instruments and procedures.

The working group of Prof. Dr. Vetter has particular expertise in the analysis of polyhalogenated compounds, lipid components and preparative methods. Another area of ​​research is the authenticity testing of foods using stabile isotope and elemental analysis.

References to specific research topics:

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