Leibniz-Institute of Food-Systembiology of the TU München

The Leibniz-Institute of Food-Systembiology of the TU München is a publicly funded foundation in civil law whose task is to research the chemical composition of foodstuffs and their evaluation, taking into account the relevant microbiological, nutritional, toxicological, legal and other questions, as well as the promotion of science and research. She is a member of the Leibniz Association. The DFA is divided into four program areas. Program area 1 deals with the molecular basis of the enjoyment of food, program area 2 deals with structure / effect relationships with biopolymers, program area 3 researches the chemoreception of food ingredients and the task of program area 4 is to maintain and update the well-known „Souci -Fachmann-Kraut“ about the nutrient content of food.

Current work in Program Area 1 focuses on the identification of the quality-determining odor-active compounds present in food and food raw materials and their changes on the way from raw material to consumer. Another pillar of the working group is the assessment of the authenticity of food on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the volatile metabolites. For this work, the group has three GC×GC-TOFMS systems of different configurations, which are also used for the work in the context of food profiling.

References to specific research topics:

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