Institut Philipp Contrade


The Philipp Contrade Institute has emerged from the company of the same name in 2012, which has been operating internationally for the food industry since the founding year 1990 under the company name EURObac GmbH profile pictures whatsapp for free.

Our main profiles are in the trade with food ingredients, the mediation of food technology, product development and product improvement, quality analysis and assessment, as well as identification and differentiation of foreign substances likes to download films in nederland. We help wherever the tasks are particularly problematic in small and medium-sized businesses.

The Philipp Contrade Institute has specialized in the sensory, microscopic and macroscopic error analysis of foods in recent years to help our customers to assess and avoid product errors google chrome free windows 7. Deviating raw materials, confusion of raw materials, changes in raw materials, foreign substances, trimming and technology defects are recognized, evaluated and presented funny videos for mobile for free. Especially in the food import sector, there is a growing need for a reliable identification and assessment of the composition. Our expert witness is available to our customers as well as to court as an experienced consultant canoscan lide 210 herunterladen.

In the “Food Profiling” project the Philipp Contrade Institute is working on the microscopic and macroscopic assessment of truffles herunterladen. By means of targeted comparisons, identification structures will be developed, which will allow an international to a regional differentiation of the individual truffle species netflix herunterladen fehlgeschlagen.


Institut Philipp Contrade
Qualitätssicherungslabor der EURObac GmbH
Deichstraße 36
21423 Winsen (Luhe)

Tel.:       +49 4171 2039
Fax:       +49 4171 62800